EmagazineCATALOG.IN - Convert Your News Paper, Magazine, Brochure, Catalog into ePAPER, eMAGAZINE, eBrochure, eCatalog, eBOOKS, eMANUALS. With interactive features - mobile friendly format for cross platform compatibility, Viewable on a PC, Leptop, MAC, Tablet, iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows, and Kindle Fire devices.

We always give you advance version of ePAPER, eMAGAZINE, eCatalog with latest technology. Our ePAPER, eMAGAZINE, eCatalog are very much user friendly, attractive & smooth realistic page turning. With its various features like, Simple interface,Thumbnail, Hyper linking, Search facility, Zooming Function, we can say this is one of the best marketing tool which is cost effective.
No matter where you are located in the world, just mail your soft copies of brochures , we develop that into eCATALOG and mail you back.

Why us ? 

• We are always updated with advance technology.
• Our eCATALOG are different. Our technology turns ordinary CATALOG to extraordinary eCATALOG page turning presentation.
• Our eCATALOG are very much cost effective. Save your print cost and postages.
• Just mail your soft copies CDR / JPEG File to us we develop into CATALOG and mail you back. That save your time and money.

Features :

Dynamic Changes : Add / Edit / Delete end number of pages / content / images.

Google SEO friendly : Entire Ecatalog is google SEO friendly, its technical sound for google promotion.

Light and Fast : Most similar products are stuffed with a lot of unecessary options. Digital ecatalog just has the basic features it needs. It focused only on the usability and a fast loading time.

Mobile Version : Responsive catalog which is fit to mobile screen for android & ios version.

Download / Print : It is downloadable in PDF format which can be print as well.

Multimedia Features : like music, videos flash, java banner, gif image can be easily integrate.

Thumbnail Browser Interface : Instant overview of the whole page using small images page and external web links, and more for a personalized branding.

iPad, iPhone & Android Devices Support : Our ecatalog automatically detects the device that the end-user is using and it redirects the Digital eCatalog Publication to the best format for that specific device.

SEO friendly : Take your ecatalog to the top of the search engines and drive traffic directly to your online content.

The Deeplinking Feature : Each flipping book publication and each page of the book have it's own URL address. In this way you can bookmark a specific page or send a direct link to a friend.

Reach the Customers Globally In Just Single Clink Our Dynamic E-Catalog Solutions, Will Help Build Your Online Business !!

Sharing & Social Media Integration : - 

It is essential that your audience stays connected to any digital content you create. Using social media sites like Facebook, google, Twitter, and LinkedIn will make this become a reality. Email and share your content at the click of a button.

• Give your readers the opportunity to share your digital content with their entire network all the while increasing your brand’s visibility and awareness.

• Our interactive social sharing buttons are available on every page. This allows readers to boost your content’s reach and increase the time spent on each page.


If any kind of specific requirement please contact us. We will give you the best solution.

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  • Emagazine CATALOG.IN – Convert Your News Paper, Magazine, Brochure, Catalog into ePAPER, eMAGAZINE, eBrochure, eCatalog, eBOOKS.
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